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Various Artists – Analog Series 002

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Analog series 002

Unclosed returns with a new limited 180gr vinyl, including the classic techno cuts of Tecknoise and Martin Emit and, for this release, adding the powerfull techno of Xpansul (True Type Tracks) and the best dub techno from Spain – Randoom. 4 techno and dub techno tracks to the dancefloor, only vinyl, only 300 copies, only Unclosed Records. Supported by Active Sense, Alex Denne, Andrea Giuliani, Anthony Pappa, Atmosfera 3 (Rne), , D-Formation, Discknocked, Edy C. (Decoded Records), Felipe Bravo, Dj Fra (Nitsa), Franco Bianco, Gale Talk, DJ Tom, Ivan Smoka, J.Dicenta, Jorge Savoretti, Joseph Capriati, Juan de Utrilla 11.Off, juliet, Luciano (Cadenza), Luix Spectrum, Manel, Marco Corvino Traxx, Marcos in Dub, Martin Bellomo, Mots Radio, , Oscar L, Paco Osuna, Paula Cazenave, Pete Ward Awesome, Louk909, Darkrow, Carretero, Roberto Capuano, Sergio Matina, Stacey Pullen, Stefano Infusino, Steve Parry, Gabriel Le-mar, Vasco Ispirian, Velguin Yamato, Angel Molina

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